Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Untapped Power of Bar and Club Video Screens

I have been working in the visual business for 10 years now and can't understand why so many bar and club owners overlook the income potential both direct and indirectly from utilizing their video screens correctly.

I read a study years ago that showed the sedentary effects of TV watching. If an establishment’s screens become just TV, customers will go home as they can control what they are viewing and the sound level, also they can eat and drink cheaper. The only TV that works away from home are sporting events where one can be louder than at home. Anyhow TV barflies do not make you money they lose you money and stagnate your business. Why would any place want that? Just watch an episode or 2 of Bar Rescue as Jon Tapper mentions that in every show.

Establishments have to provide patrons an environment that they cannot get at home.

Turning off your screens sends the wrong signal, hmmn.. are they closing?

So that's where visuals come in to play. Turning your screens into moving art, an environment enhancer that doesn't require patrons to pay attention to the screen and ignore their friends. Women like an attentive man, women like to dance, women like sexy, women like color, variety and excitement - and if you have women – men will be there too.

Customize visuals with your events and sponsors, including bands that are performing, drink and food specials and more… and you have a tool to create more of a complimentary and alluring environment for your customers and generate income from your vendors and affiliates. The customers like it more, they stay longer, they spend more, YOU WIN.

We listen to Bar Owners, Club Promoters, DJs, VJs and alike every day. We create visuals that last and are customizable. We would love to hear more ideas from you.

Contact Ian Faith, 800-884-4553 at VJWorld.comGCG, and let’s work together to enhance the content on your video screens so they help grow your establishment and put money back in your pocket.

We have created custom visuals for Harrah’s in Window’s on the Las Vegas Strip, Ford Motor Company in Concept Cars, MTV Shows, Film & TV Various Shows, Fashion Shows, Conventions, Trade Shows, Businesses and Bars & Clubs Worldwide.


If you have been into a bar, club, restaurant or casino lately you will have noticed the video screens that are everywhere. Are we heading towards a Blade Runner moment in time.... probably. But one thing that the screens in that movie did more than most clubs was they were communicating and advertising as well as entertaining.

So why are so many establishment owners willing to invest so much money in their video screens and not use them to create income?

On this blog I will layout the How, Who, What, Where and Why with real world examples garnered from my years of experience in this industry. My name is Ian Faith, an industry professional, I have watched closely the evolution of establishment video screens and will help you turn this investment around to make you a profit!.